Online Course: Enjoyment, Passion & Pure Power


Welcome to the first of 2 Online Courses about Enjoyment, Passion & Pure Power. The Online Course is an opening to the Power of Creation, and offers transmission towards all of our embrace of the Feminine Essence. In Pema Salem’s sharing on the Journey of Truth to God as the Feminine, you are invited to face your return to innocence as the balance and fully surrendered dance between darkness and light, in the unfolding of the Enjoyment-body and healing of the relationship with power.


Online Course Description

In taking the journey to the Source of Creation we face an emptying out and purification of our Enjoyment-body – to the unfolding of capacity to rest innocently in the palm of pure Passion. Something which calls for the eradication of identification with matter and for a rest straight into the power of Creation.

This online course is a sharing of the keys on the deep work of facing fear, blind spots and of stepping up to the full commitment to Truth and responsibility of man. It offers pointers on how to work through the suppressed and subconscious, it touches the basics on the much needed purification of sexuality and on dropping the manipulations of Life, for the birth of Soul and incarnation into human form as Truth, by the return to innocence and arrival in the freedom of balance between darkness and light.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

The personification of the impersonal, Pure power and the subtle twist, Moving into the core of relaxation, Innocence – equally meeting the pleasure and the pain, Seeing through the nature of self-protection, Living Wholeness, Evolutionary progress & the increasing level of responsibility, Beyond the separation between Darkness and Light, Living the ground of Joy, Black Mother, Sexuality & the True Gate, The Inner Marriage, Commitment, Arrival & the End of Abandonment, Human Maturity, Unity in Diversity & Passion, Strength of vulnerability, Natural Integrity, Deep Intelligence, Passion as Totality – root of well-being, Returning to our innocence – Purification of sexuality, Arriving in the “secret or forbidden” places, Becoming through the dark places of humanity, Radical self-love, Growing into sensitivity and more.


The Online Course contains

The contents of this online course consists of an online-space with access to course materials with teachings of Pema Salem:


  • 6 talks with Pema Salem incl. Q&A on selected topics (app. 45 minutes each)
  • 6 guided meditations – tools for working consciousness in different aspects of the topic (app. 40 minutes each)
  • 6 sets of contemplations, to work along side the reception throughout viewing the video material

A total of more than 8,5 hours of HD quality video course-material and investigative contemplations, recorded in 2018.


2 Ways of Engaging

The online video-course can be approached as a 6 week engagement or the more intensive 6 day approach:


  • The 6 week engagement, for you who would like to engage with the course alongside your daily life, integrating the contemplations and teachings directly into your living reality, or
  • The 6 day engagement, for you who would like to venture into an intense stretch of retreating at home with full focus on engagement on the topic, or

Preparatory guidelines and a suggested schedule is included for best benefit of engagement for either way.


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