5-8th Oct: True Intimacy Retreat, Munich


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Pema Salem invites you to a 4-day retreat of transmissions and keys towards our collective awakening and individual balancing of self- as well as inter-relational fields, based on the Real and Raw frequency of True Intimacy. The Frequency which awaits to re-awaken across humanity, for a sustainable, All-Inclusive, fulfilling and Soul-satisfying future.

On our way of embracing All-Inclusive Reality, we stand facing the challenge of balancing and unfolding our Masculine and Feminine Essence into the Inner Marriage. Allowing for our movement towards the manifestation as True Humans – rooted in the deepest Intimacy with and as Life itself. This, along with our current need to form and enter into new grounds of deeper and more Real collective fields and communities, Calls us to realise and actualise specific strands of Intelligence & Knowing – individually and together. We will cover the grounds of emotional, mental and spiritual maturation, of Intimacy as the foundation for Life unfolding in integrity and true individuality, themes like surrender, dedication, direction, human wholeness and more.

Join us on the 5-8th of October 2023, and get your Mind, Heart and Belly aligned to the coming demand for our Bowing to the Fundamental Core of All-Inclusive Reality.

Entering space with Pema is an intensive happening, and space for digesting the transmissions will be included in the retreat. We will move between sessions of enquiry & talks, Silent spaces and music journeys for digestion as well as bonfires etc.



Dates & time: 5-8th October 2023.
Start: Thursday 15.00 * End: Sunday 16.30
Place: Burggenerstra├če 27, 86986 Schwabbruck, Germany
Exchange: 520 EUR, incl. accommodation, co-created lunches & dinners – Deposit 100 EUR



Thursday 5th

10-12 – Arrivals
15-17.30 – Transmission, Talk & Enquiry
19.30- 20.30 – Meditation

Friday 6th

10-12.30 – Transmission, Talk & Enquiry
15-16.30 – Movement : Musical Journey
19.30- 21.00 – Tea & Cafe, yurt

Saturday 7th

10-12.30 – Transmission, Talk & Enquiry
15-16.30 – Practice & Presence space
19.30- 21.00 – Bonfire & Meditation

Sunday 8th

10-12.30 – Transmission, Talk & Enquiry
15-16.30 – Movement Musical Journey


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