Deep Delight – Online Satsang, May 2022


Keywords from this video are; Pleasure, Harmony Frequency, Celebration of Existence, Joy, Inspiration, Shameless deliciousness, Delicacy and pure Passion.



You are warmly invited to join Pema and the community in a deeply pulsed sharing of Deep Delight. As the pleasure breathes through the screen, you are taken for an exploration across the harmony and celebration of Existence, in a dance of inspiration and feeling, Being and relaxing into the base of Joy.



00:00 : Meditation 

30:00 : Introduction – The dance of the Infinite & the Delicate

37:16 : Meeting the world with the Harmony frequency – The growing capacity to feel

1:02:20 : Silence filled with the Celebration of Existence

1:12:30 : Purification of wanting & grasping in relationship – The cave of Inspiration & Creation – Shameless deliciousness

1:47:15 : The Inspiration & creation frequency – Joyful speech & meeting in the now

2:00:37 :  The darkest deepest relaxation in joy РThe Infinite & the Delicate breathing as Pure Passion РIntegrity & Beauty РDelight РThe unprotected relaxation as Reality


The total duration of this video is 2 hours 19 minutes.