Challenges – Mar. 2023


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You are warmly welcome to receive these Reality-Teachings that were shared by Pema to a group of men dedicated to Truth. The first part of the recording is a Meditation calling out in us the qualities of Power and Clarity; the second part is a discussion on topics such as Transforming Aggression, Living as Love and more. Overall this Satsang is an invitation to Step Out as your True Self. Recorded in March 2023.


00:00 Meditation

29:18 The Bowed Masculine; Surrender

1:14:20 Inner Alchemy; From Aggression to Love

2:12:05 Facing Pain as Being; The True Movement

2:32:25 Clear Seeing; Recognizing Things for What They Are

2:52:07 Real Accountability; The Willingness to Touch Everything


Total video duration: 3 hours 08 minutes