Building a Base for Yourself as Love – Aug 2018, Part 3


Møn August 2018 Retreat – Part 3

A beautiful transmission of the depth of being on retreat with Pema, these talks and meditations are from the 4 day Summer Retreat here on the island of Møn in Denmark. Each video from this series contains a meditation, followed by footage from the talks and Q&A sessions where Pema unfolds the vast range of her teaching across all facets of Being and Humanity.

Loyalty to Truth

Footage from talks and Q&A sessions covering topics such as:

  • Expanse of the Heart, Mind and Belly
  • Breakdown of Traditions
  • Purification of the Headspace
  • The Core of Violence in Yourself
  • Crumbling the Mountains of self-judgment
  • Feeling Stupid and Ugly
  • Between Peace and Drama
  • Integrating Peak Bliss Experiences
  • Effortless Relaxation into Life as the Joy of Cultivating

Length: 2 hours