Back to Nature – Online Satsang, October 2022




Enter a space of Meditation and Inquiry with Pema and fellow Men walking the path of Truth. This Satsang was recorded in October 2022, and is a Sacred Call to a return to Nature – both in terms of our Deepest Essence and the Earth. Enjoy this beautiful exploration into the workings of trauma, the realisation and the integration of Power, and harmony with Nature.
Meditation 0:00 – 36:21
Enquiry 36:21 – 3:18:37
00:00 : Meditation
36:21 : Relaxing into Pure Darkness
44:09 : The Nature and Workings of Trauma
51:16 : Readiness to Meet Trauma Fully; Letting Imprints Go
1:04:12 : Relaxing with Aggression; The Full Spectrum of Power
1:49:41 : Freedom from Negativity in the Face of Darkness; Rounds of Integrating Black Light
2:12:12 : Individual Cultivation Spreading Out
2:33:20 : The Role of Softening in Integrating Blackness
2:36:02 : Lingering Forms after the Movement of Power; The Softness that Humanity Needs
2:48:03 : Relating to Nature; Interests Born out of Joy
3:06:03 : The Inclusion of Finances; Inspiration All Around
Total video duration: 3:18:37