Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion

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Welcome to the Online Course “Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion“.
This online course is another offering of topic-specific transmissions, which together make out the core teaching of Aisha Salem. Read more about the teachings.

The materials in this online course were recorded in 2018 as a part of a row of years, where Aisha agreed to let record on video, the different aspects of the teaching, developed over the course of her by then 18 years of cultivation.

The recordings were carried out as an offering of online retreats, offered for the specific purpose of delivering the transmissions. See the full set of released online courses in the Shop.


Before engaging in the course, your preferred way of engagement should be chosen and preparations made to support your way ahead, so you have properly prepared for your journey and optimal immersion and digestion.

Welcome and Enjoy your Journey in Truth…


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Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion

This course consists of a package of materials;

  • 6 talks
  • 6 meditations and
  • 6 sets of contemplations

All for your engagement and deeper investigation on your Way in Truth.

This online course page is organised in tabs. This one; the Welcome tab. An Overview tab, 6 Session-tabs and an Onwards tab.

During your work with the contents, you can always return to the overview, if your contemplations lead you back for a recap, to one of the previous talks or meditations.

Working with the Contents

The 6-session setup is prepared for your journey through – in choosing either a very concentrated and intensive 6-day stretch or application over a 6 week stretch, of working even deeper with the contemplations and investigations invited in each of the sessions.

6 day plan

You can engage with the course in a 6-day stretch of highly intense daily engagement with the transmissions in talks, meditations and contemplations.

Going with the 6-day plan requires a full week of engagement – calling for full focus on your deepening with the contents of transmission in a setup of retreating at home.

If you go for the 6-day stretch, you are invited to create the time and space needed to engage with full focus. You can arrange yourself for days of social silence, with engagement applied only to practice in meditations, reception of transmission in talks, to movement every day of walking and perhaps movement to music, along finally with engagement with the contemplations in a notebook. You can furthermore support your journey by allowing a return to simplicity in drinking plenty of water and simplifying your eating to healthy and nutritious food, which will assist your integration of the transmissions.

6 week plan

The second plan is that of a weekly engagement – running over 6 weeks. A plan of engagement, which can be integrated alongside your daily life.

This plan encourages the integration of and deepening in Truth with the daily Life and requires a balancing between attending responsibilities with Care and engaging with ongoing accuracy and focus to the deepening with the video-material and contemplations.

Each week can be planned for an ongoing engagement with and return to the core of your investigations, throughout the course, and your self-discipline is needed to attend continuously with inner engagement on the topic, in the time between your engagement with the video material. Watching and re-watching the weeks videos can be deeply beneficial for a continued deepening with and understanding of the keys of consciousness delivered. In this way the benefit of this form of engagement entirely depends on your level of engagement with the contemplations, the transmission and the practice in meditation.

Engaging with the Contemplations

With each sessions follows a set of contemplations, which invites you to turn your attention towards the investigations of your own ways, assumptions, strategies and other aspects which all play a part in our way around the topics of this online course.

Please watch the following video on engagement with contemplations.

Ready to Get Started?

Welcome to an engagement of transformation, deepening and unveiling of Reality pertaining to the embrace of yourself as pure consciousness and unfolding towards your Spiritual maturation and purification of heart.

Before engaging in Session 1, you are invited to get an overview of the contents of this course on the Overview-tab.

We wish you a deep and valuable Journey through the online course.

With Kindness,
Aisha & team

For you to get a Feel for the ground you stand to cover during the engagement with this online course, an overview is provided below.

The Online Course consists of the following material:


Talk 1 topics:

Talk 2 topics:

Talk 3 topics:

Talk 4 topics:

Talk 5 topics:

Talk 6 topics:

Meditations (tools of transmission)

Meditation 1 title: From Innermost to Outermost

Meditation 2 title: Tenderness – Activation of Nerve Ends Meditation

Meditation 3 title: Releasing the Obstruction to Joy

Meditation 4 title: Meeting the Darkness – Instructions on Facing the Depth

Meditation 5 title: Breath to the Core

Meditation 6 title: The Sacred Human Heart


To each session of engagement is a set of contemplations. The contemplations are available on each sessions page.

Welcome to the first of your 6 session online course. The page offers you a set of contemplations, a video meditation, which is a tool of transmission and a talk. The topics of the sessions talk is available on the page for your later return to and navigation in the video. Enjoy…

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day moves through the following topics:

Welcome to the second of your 6 session online course.

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day moves through the following topics:

Welcome to the third of your 6 session online course.

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day moves through the following topics:

Welcome to the fourth of your 6 session online course.

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day moves through the following topics:

Welcome to the fifth of your 6 session online course.

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day is a series of Q&A moving through the following topics:

Welcome to the last of your 6 session online course.

The Contemplations

The Meditation

The Talk

The talk of the day is a series of Q&A moving through the following topics:

Well Done!

We hope you have enjoyed and deeply benefitted from your engagement with the contents of this online course. Your access to the material is continued and accessible through your account in the Shop on

Working on with the contents in waves of applying and investigating deeper on the topics of the sharing and transmissions, in this course, is bound to assist you towards an ongoing deepening of your understanding, immersion with and integration of your Being.

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Thank You & Kind Regards,
Aisha & team

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