On the Brink

And on the Brink of a New Time, we stand with a different movement… Of ourselves. Of our thoughts. Of our Love.
A Tickle for the cautious…

With no denial or clinging, we Simply Are. In the arms of Life itself. As the wind we move with complete precision of Listening and Allowing. The use of our energy, our gifts, our care and attendance to what is needed is a given, is natural. How can it be any more simple than that? What is there to think about?

If we aren’t living – we’re dying.
If we aren’t as True as at all possible to ourselves – we are lying to ourselves.

We would LIKE to make it less simple. We would Like to justify the postponements, the middle-steps, the holding-on to. But…

As we drop over that edge… What else Is there – but the free Fall, the Trust, the Joy of Falling into the darkness, into the Light, the meeting with that which is so incomprehensibly Big and head-bending, that our worries and mind-made complications seem so endlessly insignificant!

Some people call me Radical. That Full surrender – rather than the “almost” scares some people. But some acknowledge how and that Life is meant to be lived to its fullest. That Truth is to be embraced in its Widest and Vastest, its Deepest. We simply face a loss of All of the Walls. All of those walls holding us somewhat contained and at arms length of Reality. What if we are Fully Accepting that we can’t be Real Humans without being Real at the Core?! And Real means not cutting ourselves off from the limitlessness of our full facing of the unknown. Whether existentially or non-existentially.

Our time is UP. The dragging out of time is something which our planet, which we as humans in our state of mental and emotional ill-health simply cannot afford anymore!

The Dance… It perpetuates our courage – to stretch itself far beyond any limit or border we can find in ourselves towards any aspect of what we must humbly admit to as bigger, deeper and more empty than ourselves…

The voice of the desert, the feel of the burning Sun at our Center, the secret whisper of Her – calling us to HerSelf in all of our helplessness. None of it we can deny. The time of becoming Silent at the center of temptation is Here.

What if everything is exactly opposite of the way you think?! How would that change you and how would you move yourself as the result of that recognition…

(an invitation for your answer below in comments)…

A Silent Whisper, Roar and Brutal Tenderness,

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