Mystery & Mastery Online Retreat 22-24.9 ’23

The Mystery & Mastery online retreat is a container for delivery of a very specific part of Pema’s teaching. It is a part of the power-teachings which fully entail the teachings concerning human wholeness, innocence and integrity.

The online retreat focuses on the seeming paradox between Mystery and Mastery, as the delivery into nature of Innocence and integration of Power as the natural happening of delivery to and unification with Source. The online retreat will enter deep grounds around the nature of innocence as the key to living the Mystery as well as the lay out of the foundation upon which Mastery must appear, for our Journey to remain universally and karmically Safe and Sound, on our road of integrating Reality.

The Online Retreat will, in addition to a series of transmissions, be a space of exploration for the attendees, wherein misunderstandings and shame around Power can be brought to the Silent Center in which all Truth is rooted.

Join us for a weekend of Being with Pema in this very special cauldron of realism naturalism realisation and Power as the nature of our deepest Rest in Being.

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