Living Eternity & Harmony

It has been a month or two now, of working strongly inside my personal sphere of living – after a couple of years of working primarily the connection and tools of navigating community and their needs on facilitation-level.

For this past time in particular, and as always in working any sphere, many adjustments and fine tunings to my Being has taken place, connected with a man entering my life and the moving into a place of living together as man and woman, as two beings, and as none but pure surrender to Life itself. As result I now find myself Living with a human being, which isn’t (or wasn’t) an obvious cultivator of Truth prior to our meeting. Something which it was very beautiful for me to open myself to after 2 decades of very intensely focused work of cultivation.

What has become clear in the last months is, that the Living amongst people can be taken so infinitely Close and into the palm and embrace of care and intimacy. It is obvious, that all of existence responds to that. Skies, winds, fire, animals and people alike.

It seems like an incredible internalisation that is happening as result. Of my Being. The divine gift of invisibility reaching completion in the toolbox. The effect is spectacular. My surroundings are becoming effortlessly harmonious. Effected by the waves of acceptance, of eternal unconditional Love. Of Truth. Silent Truth. There is a magnificence to that, a silent beauty which is unspeakable. Unmentionable even. It just Is. Right here. Silently Breathing as the eternal flexibility of endless Rooting in Reality.

I watch as days go by. Finding myself breathing in the sweet palm of a life lived as a woman. Deeply and lovingly intimate with a beautiful man. Walking the island with a black beauty of a dog and living such sweetness in the house and home, which I have built with these two hands and poured my love into over the last couple of years. there is a Great promise here. In This. As This.

And of course… This is It. The culmination of all of the teachings – manifest in and as the form of an endlessly sweet and uncomplicated life, wherein I also find – right Here – the evidence, that we Do shape our own reality. By that I mean, that it only takes One – namely yourself – to bring your entire living reality into the palm of living True Harmony. That somehow, despite people’s woundings, misunderstandings and ignorance, the entire world naturally responds to and forms around Living Reality, as the greatest invitation to the living Beauty of true in-depth appreciation. The Breath of appreciation towards every aspect of Her.

As I sit here, playing with words, a black soulful dog is sweetly licking my toes. Candles are softly flickering in the nights darkened light, casting the silhouette of a kind man playing his cello unto the walls of the warm and beauty-filled living room. The sound of love waves through the air and the air of harmony dances in the space with such grace and blessing.

What has become clear about the rest into a life of living harmony is, that the eternal’s Birth into the moment, the deep acceptance of non-manipulation and the love of the human experience all come together and are vital ingredients for This Moments arising, wherein harmony itself becomes a possibility as the living of Beauty itself. A natural and given.

Much to accept, yes. Much to let heal and meet feeling-wise, to end the objections and lose the seed of manipulation. Much fear to die through to reach the effortlessness of Now – but in fact… It IS possible. And not just possible – but our birth-right and the truly Noble way of living beyond the wounding, conditioning and denial of surrender to Reality.

There is much to share about the discoveries made along the way about living Harmony and I look forward to share the keys in the falls online retreat on same topic. For now… I will let the words die, once again, as I return to the simple and sweet scent of uncomplicated and soft living, as a woman surrounded by beauty and love, by tenderness and communication, touch, creativity and play.

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