Living Abundance

The word Abundance sort of always rang untrue when used in spiritual circles. And it was so, because people seem to use it in a context of indicating it meaning them getting whatever they want, without a single reference to the fact of true loyalty to Truth, any inner movement of dissolution and letting go, nor of surrender and facing the sacrifice of releasing focus from the material plane to a return behind the scenes to the spiritual world. Something which indicates a deep misunderstanding of what abundance is or which place it has in our lives of Truth and on our journey.

We are Literally in the position of having to prove ourselves – to Life itself – where our loyalties lie, when it comes to our conscious choices, and although it may be for a period, the part of our sacrifice of the material world for our return to the spiritual world plays its part in balancing our priorities towards the fact; that Abundance is strictly a matter of Spirit.

It has its place until we have become healthy in our trust, selfless in our way of life and moved beyond our way of using “the riches of life” to cover over our deep insecurities, discontent and mistrust in Life in the attempt at reaching security and well-being outside the deep surrender to life itself.

So let us make it Clear; Abundance is strictly a matter of spirit. And yet, as spirit integrates into Matter, what is the deal then?

The answer is – there IS no line between manifest abundance and inner abundance – not in the passing beyond the zone of our survival fear and attempt at creating security through trying to fulfil ourselves by accumulation of material wealth.

The integration of Spirit into matter actually has the potential to fully move us through to a point of delightful and all-round abundance – in a matter of moving our lives and surrender beyond the grasping at survival-zone, in a way which reflects the reality of human life completely beyond the zone of financial or material “poverty”, so to speak and yet without the reality of being lost under the surface to fears and grasping at security apart from our surrender to Life. In Truth.

Spirit in its maturation seem to move through stages. And there is Something Real to the fact of letting go of the blinding of the aspect of our fearful bottomline with the use of matter, which is the REASON why we seem to pass a stage of releasing the importance of matter on our spiritual journey. We tend to face the embrace of becoming Poor on our spiritual path before we seem to be able to arrive in a place where we can truthfully be with the abundant aspect of life – which includes money, material well-to-do’ness etc. And the reason is, that we beneath the bottomline are deeply corrupted in our relationship to matter and tend to Use it, to cover over our fear. Simply because this is what we do across the entire globe and it is what we get in at very early age. In the face of money or wealth we tend to grasp – to move beyond the “simply what we need” in the attempt to “buy ourselves freedom – “while freedom has nothing to do with money. And yet there is Also an integrated state when it comes to the matter…

The rising of Spirit in our living lives has its way of making room for a deeply Creative life. And it is a life in THIS creativity, WHEN supported by a passing beyond the line of fear-based wealth-accumulation, which carries the true potential for Living Abundance in a way where spirit and matter is equally well-balanced in our lives.

The part of our world being filled with poor spiritual people and struggling artists, is not weird, if you look at the fact of where we as a human species have arrived in our relationship to money and as a habit of avoidance of self-care. The natural balance of abundance in Life, however, is a chapter beyond both being lost in money-grubbing and spiritual poverty. And the answer lies in integration. For Spirit will never be satisfied before we have loosened ourselves from the grip of the fear-based wealth-accumulation and sub-conscious power-games of wealth-accumulation, just like the body will never feel fully Held and able to relax, without us embracing – as a minimum – the full embrace of doing what Needs to be Done, to cover our basic needs.

We Are after all in a position of having to choose Love over fear, pure will over wanting and answer to necessity over wastefulness to return to a natural state and balance in this world – which ultimately makes the reality of abundance about living the sweet creativity and joyfulness of Human Simplicity and Maturity.

/Pema Salem

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