Handling Her arising – safely

This article has instructions on how to handle Her arising safely and truthfully. Please study these instructions carefully and work to integrate their meaning and content into yourself and life.

A shift took place two weeks ago, in this field, upon by my Landing wholly into the Vortex of She – releasing activation of the pleasure-body in/as the field. Something which you by now probably have experienced as a rising of sexuality/sexual energy/passion in you. Your being gifted with this calls for your Utmost responsibility and rise to the challenge of your own full holding as well as deep bowing within yourself. The power of Creation/pure passion, with its most direct and naked touch upon your nervous system, is now unleashed and resting at the grounds of this field upon which you stand as a part of aligning with these teachings and my Being. 

Rolling forth now, is your next level of teaching. Something which calls for your increase in responsibility in regards to the handling of power and yourself in relation to it.

Her nature – at the Core – is a big black hole of suction. Please see the image on top of the article. This vortex is the Feminine. The suction itself can have various impacts upon your life unless you henceforth choose to handle yourself and life in the most respectful and caring of manners – towards the reality of Truth. 

If not held responsibly and with Silence, She does turns destructive and into various forms of abuse of power.

The nature of the power of Creation is This; 

She is a Vortex

The nature of her existence is an ever moving vortex. The nature of this vortex is suction. This suction is, in waves of Her laying bare, translated through the human nervous system, by means of surges of hunger or insatiability.

To be able to deal with her nature, we must end the translation between our meeting with Her and our usual surface-based day consciousness – in other words to continue forward, we must now actively take on the Actual place as practitioners, in a way where the application of the teaching to the inner realms for real gets its Proper Place in our lives. Hobby-engagement not possible! Not with this.

It is time to get unto and dissolve our usual movement of identity and identification connected to the arising “me” (read last chapter on this). To move onwards responsibly in this field, you must get accustomed to awaring your inner state and to take care – by continuous practice and handling yourself – on inner levels as well as outer.

The Insatiability

The existence of body-identification in you will set off the inner feeling of hunger. Hunger combined with a lack of ability to satiate yourself. Be aware to not use food, people, sex or anything else to attempt at satiating this hunger. It is Not Doable (and especially as your integration progresses and the force gets stronger). Doing so to satisfy will only silence it for Very short while, before it re-emerges. So learn to deal with it properly instead.

What is massively important here is the Holding of the feeling, rather than a caving to act it out, get it away etc. We are speaking about the nature of all things going chaotic, destructive and rampant in this world!

What needs to happen instead is the death of the translation from identity or identification with the feeling, to an actual Holding of same. And emptying out to it in the way which leaves no one but Her – and not a point of viewing Her.

This is what will set off the next stage – of ‘the desperation’. 

The Desperation

The desperate sensation arises out of your perceptions need to stand still as consciousness while being sucked out/in to the vortex itself. As you are transported through To that, the feeling may be desperation. Panic. No someone can realise or contain this force and so the unfolding requires a reversal of identity. With the desperate sensation, You are experiencing a reversing of identity back to The Feminine Source by dissolution. It feels uncomfortable. 

If this is to go as needed, you Have to stay quiet in the midst of this feeling. If you start deviating as mind or avoidant actions in attempts to satisfy (silence or get rid of) instead of Die Into, you will be looking at an endless stream of postponing the meeting with the actual drop into your own dissolution – as well as you can amass some very dark forces, as result. 

Get USED to the feeling of tumbling down a rabbit hole, or being flushed down a toilet, and be sure to make room for the recognition of this happening inside, by staying aware in yourself, rather than wobble at the surface of consciousness as the someone in panic, as the result. Let go. This is important. And I know also it is easy said, but must be understood deeply as an inner movement of allowing the reversing of your own existence.

Passion and Pleasure

The nature of this vortex is silent pleasure. Pure power. In fact it can fully suck you up and transform you into a manifestation of pure passion. But it must be handled with Silence and through waves of integration in a way which gradually transforms your mind, energy system and life to fit the bill. The dissolving of the me is a Must in this equation. Combine it with a rampant mind and un-met trauma and you have the recipe for disaster. Just saying.

Be Aware not to roll forth from lack of surrender, nor to move out on the rim of the insatiable hunger of the feminine.

Watch yourself for flirtations and the playing around with that force or you Will amass greater karma into that equation, which you are working so hard to reduce. 

Be aware to stay as sober and real in the arising, as is possible for you and align as much as possible with the field and my Being.

Never refrain from bowing deeper and do not self-defend, when life is showing you off – which it WILL do, because frankly speaking you are receiving empowerments now, which WILL require higher levels of responsibility from most of you, than what you are currently carrying forth and taking on. It means things Will have to bend in you. 

The Turning of Wild Power

…of raw force, into compassion requires the inner cauldron of transmutation to run on All Engines. Highest level of surrender. See to this. Soften yourself – over and over. 

The existence of identification in your system will mean inner occurrences and translations towards various predatory and wild animalistic and instinctual inner risings. This must be Held. Not acted out, expressed or projected.

Do Not let yourself go rampant or wild on the energy, starting to pulse through here. We take a detour as humans and beings, when we go wild rather than hold, transmute and ground this force. And as result we get out of control, in a place where power needs our restraint and responsibility to keep you and people around you safe.

Restraint may sound like something you don’t like, but to say it straight, it is something you are going to have to learn and let yourself be tamed towards. As long as you are likely to spin off on the force rather than Hold it, you will not be reliable to hold power. Just as an image… Imagine the power of nature going full force fucking everything sideways. Not good. 

Tame yourself – BE as calmness with the wildness of that power as it arrives in you and sift it through the cauldron into the sacred chambers.

Your body is a human and like any animal, you will teach your body how to handle this power just like you teach a dog not to bite but be gentle with its teeth. If you show your human to go wild with energy, you can make it encredibly much harder for yourself to reach the point of softening and surrender. Fine-tune. Turn up the sensitivity, Listen, respond.

The keyword is Care here. If there is no care in the energy coming from you – do not act. Stop and rise as care and responsibility.

The me/Identification & importance of humility

At this stage the inner attending to practice of dissolving the me and spotting the grasping on to anything going on inside and “calling it me” – Really starts mattering. 

Miss the part of relating to Her in Proper ways and you Will start getting delusional moving forward in terms of claiming and believing the power to be you. Just to make it Clear, none of you are beyond identification on mind level yet, in a way where you can Actually be carried to the divine realms, so for Gods Sake do Not start claiming divinity or calling yourself divine, believing yourself to Be Her etc. Shave off ALL identification and just keep Bowing. When the time is Right you will arrive into realisation as the VORTEX – Not the power.

I spent 4 days after the landing into the divine realms uncurling my toes about the fact that humans are calling themselves goddesses and divine. JUST to make it clear – this is PURE hubris. In short; divinity and humanity are mutually exclusive – so Stay Humble!!! 

Watch out for the me, me, me, my process, my experience, my story… And start becoming Quiet with rather than create fireworks around what you are experiencing. Be careful about perpetuating the ego in the meeting with Her and instead humbly bend inside – to let Her Be.

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