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I am so happy to Meet you and hope you enjoyed the podcast. Please Enjoy this free gift; a video, from one of the recent monthly Online Satsangs.

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Come into a space brimming with potential for Beauty. Starting with a meditation transmitting Silent Depths of ourselves, and continuing with an inquiry into Real Intimacy and the nature of Surrender to the Divine, this Satsang is inviting you to the Here & Now.


We start with a 29 minutes Guided Meditation.
Before venturing into the following topics:


  • 29:08 Inner Marriage; Intelligence of the Divine
  • 59:37 The Overflowing Cup; Flexibility of Being
  • 1:12:07 Beyond the Fear of Power; Our True Nature
  • 1:25:01 Growing Space; Trust in Being
  • 1:49:42 Pure Passion; The Call of Truth

Total video duration: 2 hours 12 minutes


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With Love, Pema