Divine Manifestation

Over the past weeks, downloads has been received around the direct alley-way for manifestation of the divine through and in the human body.

One thing I can say as the ground rule is – where the divine resides, no human experience remains. The me-experience of ourselves apart from the Totality means that we are in its unfolding phases – towards the residing in and as eternal Blackness of divine manifestation.

When I say, that the divines manifestation does not entail human experience, I do not mean that the body stops being human. The human body is and will always be human. Flesh and bones. Vulnerable -as far as instructions I have gotten so far reveals, at least. But its interior – that in us which is the rising and re-arising of the different alleys of feeling, stand before an incredible simplification and eradication as we finalise the restriction of our ability to Feel and through it in full manifest ourselves as Presence, where before anything could lie hidden, unseen or dormant. It is this human experience, that we came here to get – we came here to fully experience being a human and need to fully be so before manifestation of Truth on Ground can lead to its finality of our final manifestation as the Power of Creation.

Imagine, when you Know anger to its fullest. Imagine when you know passion to its fullest, etc. To know something to its fullest means that the feeling has been allowed to make its full imprint on our experiential being and to fully fill our field of experience through to the finest layers of our sensitivity and intimacy with human emotion and experience. Once we can allow that to be Held in Joy, these emotions have no reason to rearise. To take space. To control our direction etc. As long as we don’t know –  it does. Until we Know, our living reality Must be filled with situations, experiences, challenges and limitations, which gradually can bring us towards that fulfilment.

Imagine what your life would be like, if it wasn’t determined by your Need to manifest these different emotions. How much of your human experience – in terms of situations which you create etc. as a part of Needing to get to Know – that actually arises exactly Out of that Need to get to Know. Give it a thought… What do you think your human experience would be, if you did not need to manifest something to piss you off, for you to get to know anger, or to push your buttons for you to get to know boundaries, limitations or some unaccepted feelings All the way to the bottom!? What would be left??!!

The moments when we feel a strong sense of “me” always occurs when we hit a limit, an edge upon which our experience of ourselves can reflect, so With that perspective… What do you think the manifestation of the Divine then IS experientially in human form, when all of those occurrences, which keeps us immensely BUSY stop happening, because you actually HAVE fulfilled your human experience!?

I can tell you, that my experience is, that for every alley of feeling, which is Completed by Knowing – JOY manifests. Joy takes over, or rather I would say… Joy remains. In other words: The Answer is Divine Intoxication – as in Living Breathing Joy. Manifestation as the Power of Creation. More and More and More.

Resting in the ground of being is no destination in itself, it is the arrival in the alleyway of divine alchemy, which over time of fulfilling our human experience brings us to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. As a remaining experience which frankly speaking slides from human – by its very definition as challenging, problematic or error/conditioning/limitation-prone.

As the result – yes, we manifest as sheer intoxication – in a way which isn’t a state apart from our humanity, but which is a total permeation of the human realm by divine Presence – simply due to the recognition of ourself As the infinite ground of Being, which proves itself limitless in every possible way.

The way for God into form, goes through the fulfilment of our human experience. The divine Cannot manifest before we have absolutely lived our story of being a human being to its completion. The alleyways for Divine Manifestation in ground goes through the eradication of conditioning. Conditioning as the setup of internal interpretations and automatically displayed limitations, which ultimately controls our way and makes out a “me” until we have lived the story, which we came here to live.

We need to learn the teachings, which we came here to learn, and in turn fall in Love with the LOT of it.
Because yes – it is All about Love.

/Pema Salem

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