• Giving up that somebodiness, which perceives the body as separate from everything else, the walls fall in you that you breathe freely in that space of Being, as Intimacy itself.

    Pema Salem

    Join the Very First Retreat with Pema at Nari Sanctuary

    Dear Friend,  We are very excited to let you know, that the center of Pema Salem, Nari Sanctuary, now is Ready to receive groups in retreat. As you may know, Pema has not been able to give retreats for the last 2+ years due to corona. The time Has however been Well Spent; The center, Nari Sanctuary, has been under construction and Pema now offers up her work in Beautiful new ways, which includes an ongoing offer for you to come Stay with Her At the Sanctuary for periods of self-retreat, community engagement and in-person work with Pema. Read more on the Nari Sanctuary website. Nari Sanctuary will have group-retreats app. 2…

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    Summer Retreat at Nari in June – Join us

    We are deeply delighted to bring you this invitation of the very first retreat at Nari Sanctuary with Pema Salem (pka. Aisha Salem). This invitation to retreat is offered as a sweet 6-day (5 nights) journey Home to True intimacy and deep union with your soul, being and body. Together we respond to the deep Call for joy and wholeness, in a space of beauty and Grace, for you to explore yourself in the Light of All-Inclusive Reality – in Satsangs and Silence with daily 3-hour dancing, ongoing tickles of joy and sacredness in the soulfully naked and Truly touching. Nari Sanctuary is a place in Denmark, deeply immersed in…